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Basic Hypnosis

This course is for people who are just getting started with hypnosis and want to quickly learn how to use it.This course may be of interest to those with little to no prior hypnosis training as a fundamental refresher on hypnosis induction techniques and fundamental changework.
Diploma in cinical hypnosis

diploma in clinical hypnosis

Learn and get certified in clinical hypnosis. to provide relevant hypothetical information about mesmerising, typical human brain science and physiology, psycho-physiology communication, and common mental and organic illnesses (treatable through entrancing)
Diploma In Spiritual Hypnosis

diploma in spiritual hypnosis

To improve your healing sessions or spiritual awakening, learn a hypnotic procedure of inductions, deepeners, suggestibility tests, age regression, and first past life regression. Spiritual hypnosis meditations are overall healing the level of body, mind, and emotions.

Past Life Regression

This course is primarily an in-the-moment dialogue and is designed for people who have taken "Introduction to Your Past Lives Through the Akashic Records." It builds on the topics we discovered in Course 1 in a variety of ways. I hope you like and find this second instalment just as captivating.

Inner child healing

Learn about the inner child notion, including what it is, the consequences of ignoring it, how to repair it, and the advantages of doing so. You'll meet some of the key players in the field, look at case studies, and discover how to use inner child work to finish your own emotional healing process.

Family constellation

Family therapy is a subspecialty of psychological counseling that collaborates with family and relationship therapy to promote growth and change for the good of all. In this course you win a deep understanding about the influence of your family on your problems and on your wellbeing.

soul channeling & Mediumship

Want to communicate with your spiritual guides? Through channelling, you can get messages from your spirit guides and loved ones, engage in automatic writing, and even send healing from light sources to other people or yourself. This course will enhance your spirituality. discover energy, transcend spirit realms, connect with higher beings, and start a business
Akashic records

Akashic records

Do you desire a better grasp of who you are? Do you want to know the details of past lives?  If so, you were on our mind when we designed this course. We wish to impart the knowledge of the Akashic Records to you, and if you choose to pursue it, we have also included a section on factors to take into account while forming a business.

Improve your Psychic power (ESP)

The course "Developing Your Psychic Skills & Skills" is for people who have never wanted to learn about their own psychic abilities; it offers you the self-assurance you need to delve in and gets you started on your own unique path of self-discovery! Learn how to tune into your dormant ESP Abilities

Mid Brain Activation for Childs

The Mid Brain is situated over the cerebrum stem of individuals and is liable for the impression of upgrades and the resulting correspondence with the right and passed on halves of the globe of the mind to handle this viewpoint data.
DMIT (1)

DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test)

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test is a genuinely logical investigation of unique mark designs. This will help in figuring out an extraordinary person's true capacity and character Type.



Our NLP Hypnosis course will give you a firm establishing in this captivating subject. You can involve entrancing as a speaker for your instructing, deals, and impact abilities, or you can utilize spellbinding all alone to help you and your clients on excursions of fruitful change